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Adam Charuhas

Adam Charuhas

Financial Advisor

Adam began with Waddell & Reed in 2005 after completing his degree at the University of Oregon. Adam chose to join Waddell & Reed based upon the firm’s philosophies surrounding wealth management and financial planning. In today’s market environment, he believes proper diversification and risk management are more important than ever to help pursue long term results and help navigate almost certain volatility.

After 10 years as a financial planner, Adam has learned that the main issue most retirees face at the end of their working years is the question of, “How do I take my life savings and turn it into monthly income?” Everyone knows that they have to save for the future; however, many retirees have trouble devising a plan to efficiently live on their assets. Adam works with clients to manage their finances while working, and help create action plans that will allow client’s money to last throughout their retirement years and beyond.


Using diversification as part of your investment strategy does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

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